APIs - so what?
Why should I care about APIs? What value do they provide? What's the big deal?

Before we talk about what an API is, let's talk about why they matter and their impact to our lives.

Let's get after it ????

✳️ Real quick like - today is the first post of #APIsMadeClear. This is a content series on APIs, their background, importance, and capabilities.

#APIsMadeClear will help you:

- gain insight into one of the most disruptive technologies in history.

- confidently to talk to anyone about APIs and their benefits

- entertain career opportunities which work with APIs and its economy.

???? Alright, alright, alright. Let's dive in.

APIs are worthy of our attention because they have uniquely changed our lives through the ways we now experience technology.

They are like capillaries bringing to life all forms of disparate technologies.

This "life" they bring is connectivity.

APIs animate our technical world.

They connect us, through our devices, with others and with powerful algorithms and endless amount of data. This is what really makes your smartphone so powerful.

Will cover this more later, but prior to API proliferation, technology was much more siloed and isolated. This is why it's helpful to first think of APIs as a paradigm of how to approach building technical solutions.

APIs are a way to centralize a specific technical solution, solve a problem, and then share the solution with the world through its "wires."

???? Think of your house or apartment. You have electricity coming in through your breaker box. Your wires and outlets (or the "electricity API") is what delivers that value to the rest of your house.

This is why it matters to understand APIs - helps to know a bit of how we get this "electricity" all all throughout our lives. ⚡️????

People and companies have tapped into this power and the API economy (we'll cover in detail later) is huge.

But, it is still growing. The #APIEconomy is expected to grow to +21 billion - yes B, billion - by 2028. ????

What does this mean?

Jobs. ????‍????????‍????

See, the super power of APIs are their ubiquity; they are used in nearly any internet-connected software application and will continue to be. It's how tech companies can reach the world and grow their user bases.

This means that if you're in, or looking to get into, the tech industry you'll need to know about APIs.

It's also important to know that APIs are innovation multipliers.

They allow companies to focus on developing their core value proposition and connect to other APIs to utilize common features.

This means that any job tied to APIs means you'll sit at the cradle of innovation in a company. ???? You'll help drive which technologies you need to build vs those you need to buy.
Text author: Josh Austin
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